2016 Nominees

Jimmy Norius, Body Building
Emily Morley, Rowing
Buddy Hield, Basketball
Jonquel Jones, Women’s Basketball
Shaunae Miller, Track and Field

Quintin “Barabas” Woodside, Junkanoo World
Ronald Dumcombe, Distinguished Enterprises
Stuart Cove, Stuart’s Cove
Olivia Turnquest, Ellen’s Inn, Long Island
BJ Saunders, Majestic Tours

Gina Knowles/Lia Head Rigby, HeadKnowles
Kevin Delancy, HIV/AIDS Survivor Benefit Grand Bahama
Andrea Sweeting, Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group
Ranard Henfield, Our Carmichael Community Initiative
Christine King, Kiwanis Bahamas

Goshon Fox, Teen Challenge
Donald Ferguson, II, Aviation
Lucius Fox, Jr., Baseball
Steffon Evans, Bahamas National Trust
Te’Aj Munnings, Ribbons For Life

Dr. Erecia Hepburn, Bahamas Agricultural Forum for Youth
Trenicka Rolle, Bahamas Engineering and Technological Advancement
Ricardo Deveaux, Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation
Christine Stubbs Operation S.O.L.D
Yonell Justilien Bahamas All-Star Band

David Rolle, Mission Catwalk
Allan Pachino Wallace, Lukka Kairi Wall Mural
Jamal Rolle, The Celebrity Artist
Tessa Whithead, The Volta Exhibit
Jodi Minnis, It’s A Bahamian Thing

Devon “Mdeez” Knight, “TKO”
Ordain Moss, “Let’s Put Our Love To Work”
Sammi Star Poitier, “Everybody Jump in The Line”
Visage ft. Wendi, “One Song”
Julien Believe Thompson, “Party Ambassadors”

Johnny Roberts, Nipper’s Bar and Grill, Abaco
Shervin Stuart, AML Foods
Krystynia Lee D’Arville, Furniture Plus
Simon Wilson, The Bahamas Ministry of Finance
Barry Rassin, Doctor’s Hospital

Everette Frazer, Queen’s College
Samantha Wilson, Gerald Cash Primary School
Agatha Marcelle, The National Training Agency
Gillian Wilson, Summit Academy
Jamal McIntosh, Abaco Central High, Abaco

Dion Johnson, “Sizwe Banzi is Dead”
Patrice Johnson, “Perfect in Weakness”
Terrance Gilbert, “Khing Kloud”
Mark Humes, “Sizwe Banzi is Dead”
Anastarcia Palacious, “The Vagina Monologues”

Clint Watson, Youth Zone
Christina Love Thompson, Reality Check
Aneka Stewart, Cay To Style
Renee Davis, Free Your Mind with the Natural Empress
Brent Stubbs, The Tribune

Sebas Bastian, Brickell Management
Paul Arahna, Trans Island Airways
Eric Gibson, Jr., Bahama Grill
Wayne Munroe, Munroe & Associates
Peter Symonette, Digi Print

Crazy Love, Gea Pierre, Producer, Grand Bahama
Summer Madness, James Catalyn, Producer
Sizwe Banzi is Dead, Phillip Burrows , Producer
Clybourne Park, Phillip Burrows, Producer
Death on The Street, Nicolette Bethel, Producer

Dr. Raleigh Butler, Perio Med Care
Rochelle Bastian, Family Pharmacy
Dr. E. Marcus Cooper, GastroCare Bahamas
Dr. Darius Unwala, Princess Margaret Hospital
Dr. Catherine Adderley, GB Health Services

King C Note, Jay Isaacs and CRX, The Morning Mad House Show, Hot 91.9
Kedar Clarke, Kedar In Style
Chantel O’Brian, Miss World Bahamas
Harrison Thompson, Relationship Management
Stilleet, MUSIC